Alison Litchfield

Hi, I'm Alison Litchfield. I am a Body-centered Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Trainer and Wellness Leader in the Boulder area. I serve yogis and practitioners of all levels and walks of life who want their yoga to f...

All Levels Yoga


Tailored to meet the individual where they are,  this all levels yoga class focuses on structural awareness and alignment combined with linking the breath with the movement.  Alison uses a holistic approach to yoga designed for the individual to open blockages and re-pattern the internet of the body, helping one to live in an Embodied state.  Whatever level you are starting at, Alison’s focus is to help you shift your relationship with pain, misalignment, and disconnection in your body into a deeper connection to Self where you experience less stress, more vitality, and greater ease in your body, mind, and spirit.