Yoga Therapy 2022 Series

Yoga Therapy 2022 Series

Five 4 Hour Sessions Through 2022 with Sadie Grossman, C-IAYT
Apply the techniques employed in Yoga Therapy to better assess and aid your clients who may be working through several common ailments and needs, including:

March 26, 12-4pm: Inflammation
Inflammation is our body's natural response to foreign invaders or infections. Sometimes we experience this as a temporary swollen ankle or an unstable low back.  We refer to this as  acute inflammation and it is a necessary part of the healing process.  In some cases, due to structural imbalances, incurable yet manageable diseases such as arthritis or lymphedema or a surgical intervention, inflammation can turn chronic and life long.  In this workshop we will study inflammation, both acute and chronic from the biomedical perspective and how specific yoga interventions could address these symptoms.  Asana, pranayama and meditation all included.

May 7, 12-4pm: Chronic Pain
Examine the physical and psychological effects that chronic pain has on the human experience.  This workshop will be part lecture and part practical application.  Selected readings assigned and expected to be completed before training begins. 

August 20, 12-4pm: The Spine
We will study the spine from the structural and diagnostic perspectives as well as discuss and practice possible interventions from the yogic perspective.  Subjects covered include: Active neutral alignment, scoliosis, osteoporosis and forward head carriage.  We will move through the topics succinctly, allowing equal parts lecture and practice. 

October 1, 12-4pm: Breast Cancer
This workshop focuses on the physical aspects that the treatment and survivorship of breast cancer has on the body.  From point of diagnosis to postoperative appropriate asana to the tender care of the port to the transition back to public classes, there is space for all of those along the cancer care continuum.

November 12, 12-4pm: Modifying Your Practice
Have an acute or chronic injury?  Or feel uninformed when students in your class fall into this category? Help yourself and/ or students  integrate back into group classes, arming yourself with the knowledge of appropriate modifications. In this workshop we will focus on the purpose and intention of each asana and provide clear examples on how to keep the integrity of shapes while remaining true to your personal practice, all without skipping a beat in a group setting. 

All offered both in studio and virtually, all applicable for yoga teachers (good for 20 hours of CEUs and our 300 hour TT credit) and students alike.

Full Series:
In Studio: $350
Virtually: $200

Single Session:
In Studio: $75
Virtually: $50