Reimagining the Practice

Reimagining the Practice

Four Weekends, 12-4pm
September 17/18 & October 29/30

Are you feeling stuck in your offerings as a teacher or your understanding of the practice as a student?  Do you crave adaptability and accessibility?  During this workshop series, Maryellen and Sadie will segmentally walk you through a refinement of your teaching tools, allowing you to expand your classes and empower all members of your community to participate in the flow, regardless of past experience or physical differences. Designed for both the teacher and student, expect to think critically about the movement practice, engage in discussion, and receive feedback from completed homework assignments based on the application of knowledge gained. 

Workshops will be 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on the consecutive Sunday, on 2 separate scheduled weekends; if you are unable to attend at the time of our training, you may access the recorded replay for one week afterward. 

This series is accessible both in our studio and live streamed over Zoom.  Hours may be used as Yoga Alliance CEU’s or 20 hours toward our 300 Hour Advanced YA Teacher Training.

In Studio:
$70 per workshop or $250/all four
$50 per workshop or $175/all four

Identity as a Teacher |  Sat 9/17
  • Examine the ways we apply our language to cues and ask if it’s creating a space of inclusivity, or if there is an assumption of somatic knowledge or physical mobility simply in the words we choose. Explore cueing habits that honor your individual strengths as a teacher as well as create clear instruction for a more conscious space for all. Establish rationale and purpose behind your sequencing and gain confidence to uncover your niche as a professional in the field.
  • Homework: 30min subtle body sequence
  • PRE-Homework: Record 10min sequence send out my Monday, take one of your classes and listen to it

Teaching with Props |  Sun 9/18
  • Sensory feedback can effectively connect ourselves and students to the practice. While language can be essential, the essence of our yoga experience is not spoken, but embodied. Learn how to organize movement and cue direction with props. 
  • Homework: 30 minute prop-focused sequence 

Inversion & Chaturanga Adaptability |  Sat 10/29
  • Many of the shapes and movement transitions we rely on as a skeletal structure to a yoga asana practice are often inaccessible.  In this module, we will learn the contraindications of an inversion and push up sequence, and how to empower your students with alternatives so that everyone may flow together in a class, regardless of physical access. 
  • Homework: 30min sequence without an inversion or chaturanga dandasana

Art of Observation |  Sun 10/30
  • Students will study the anatomy of breathing and purpose of breath assessments, intervention techniques, and energetic adaptability. 
  • Incorporate breath work into sequencing for private clients and in group classes.
  • Homework: 30min breath practice, based on a case study.