Oracle Reading

Oracle Reading

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Oracle card readings (VIA EMAIL) are transformative learning experiences that provide clarity and insight regarding your life in the "here and now." These readings can help you move through anxiety, re-energize your overall well being, or help you experience the energetic release that you need. 

Oracle cards serve as a divination tool, fostering a deeper bond with one's spirit. Originating from the Latin 'orare,' meaning to speak or pray, the term 'oracle' signifies a dialogue with God (the divine). I hold the belief that the divine essence of God is present in each and every one of us, and within every aspect of nature.

I invite you to book your session and send me an email of a specific question or a topic you need clarity around.

These are completed via email.

The turnaround time for these readings is one week (7 days) from your scheduled appointment. And will be delivered straight to your email inbox!

*** You will receive a photos of your cards and an audio recording of the reading.

***No Refunds.