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Haus Yoga w/ Kate Counts: A Relay Team

with Kate Counts

Vinyasa Flow: Sahasrara – Explanation of the 7th Chakra, Mudra, and Bija Mantra

with Seane Corn

MegaWatt Squats: Light Up Your Body - The Myth Series

with Jill Miller


with Roy Gan

Kula Quickie (45 min)

with Schuyler Grant

SHANTI OPEN (Preregister if attending in person)

with Rodney Yee

Sunrise Meditation

with Shelsea Novosel

Vinyasa Express (30 Min) - Grounding Morning Flow

with Lauren Tamburello

Kula Conditioning (2-3)

with Sydney Holly

Barre FLOW

with Alyssa Manny

YoStrong (Heated) | Yoga Infused HIIT + Weights

with Megan Kovach

The R.E.S.E.T.

with Kara Adams