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SHANTI OPEN (Preregister if attending in person)

with Colleen Saidman

Mixed Level

with Mariel Freeman

Moving Mythology: Icarus

with Kathryn Budig

Yoga Flow

with Roy Gan

Kula Flow + Pranayama

with Nikki Vilella

Breast and Chest Tune Up: Regenerative Self-Massage

with Jill Miller

Vinyasa Quickie: Core warm up, squats, handstand/forearm stand & legs up the wall

with Ame Wren

Yoga Flow

with Nicole Behnke

Medium Roast Flow

with Tom Dobmeier

Kula Reset: Meditation—Self Compassion to Support Relationships

with Clio Manuelian

Terrapin Flow (Slow Flow)

with Kim Poussard


with Nicole Behnke